Peter Ferket

Prof. Peter Ferket

Dr. Peter Ferket earned a B.S. and M.S. degrees in Animal and Poultry Science at the University of Guelph in 1981 and 1983, respectively, and a Ph.D. degree in animal nutrition from Iowa State University in 1987.  In 1988, Dr. Ferket joined the Department of Poultry Science at North Carolina State University where he is responsible for extension education, research, and undergraduate and graduate teaching.  He has devoted much of his extension and research efforts on nutritional factors that affect growth and health of meat poultry, especially turkeys.  He is recognized for his work on perinatal nutrition and development, skeletal development and immune function, enteric health, pro-nutrient feed additives, nutritional factors that affect the yield and quality of meat, nutritional value of food industry co-products, and nutrient management.  His teaching activities focus on vitamin metabolism, mineral metabolism, poultry nutrition, feed mill management, ingredient quality control, and feed formulation.  Dr. Ferket is a frequent speaker at animal and poultry conferences and has authored over 550 publications and 7 patents and invention disclosures.

Billy Hargis

Prof. Billy Hargis

Billy Hargis is a Tennessee native and received his undergraduate education at the University of Minnesota (B.S. 1980), his Master of Science Training at the University of Georgia (Poultry Science, 1983) and his D.V.M and Ph.D. training at the University of Minnesota (Ph.D. 1987). From 1987 – 2000, Hargis was a faculty member in the Departments of Veterinary Pathobiology and Poultry Science, Texas A&M University, where he was promoted through the ranks of Assistant Professor to Professor. He  joined the Center of Excellence in Poultry Science at the University of Arkansas on September 1, 2000, as Professor and Director of the Poultry Health Research Laboratory. In 2006, Hargis was named the Sustainable Poultry Health Chair, an endowed position funded by the Tyson Family with a match from the Walton Family Charitable Support Foundation. He is a diplomate of the American College of Poultry Veterinarians, teaches in the undergraduate and graduate poultry science program, and has served on the PSA Board and as a section editor for JAPR. He has advised or co-advised more than 70 graduate students who are all considered colleagues, friends and family. His laboratory has been recognized by several awards including the Carrington Laboratories Research Award (1991), the Poultry Science Association Research Award (1993), USDA Certificate of Merit for Scientific Leadership (1994), the Texas Veterinary Medical Association Faculty Research Award (1994), the National Broiler Council Research Award (1998), the Texas A&M University Vice Chancellor’s Award in Excellence for Research (2000), the Poultry Science Association Award for Achievement in Poultry Science (2001), the Frank Perdue Live Poultry Food Safety Research Award (2009), and the John White Division of Agriculture Research Award (2011).  He is widely known for his love of family, friends, colleagues and beer.  In 2015, Hargis was elected as a Fellow of the Poultry Science Association for long-term contributions to the poultry industry, academia, and the Poultry Science Association.  His research, over the last 25 years, has focused on alternatives to antibiotics for health, performance and reduction of food-borne pathogens in poultry.

Leonardo LinaresDr. Leonardo Linares

Brazilian born Leonardo Linares is part of the Aviagen Global Nutrition Team, with particular responsibility for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, supporting GP, PS and broilers customers in those areas.

He has about 23 years of experience after graduated in Animal Sciences in his native Brazil, before starting work in quality control at a Feed Mill (1.5 years) for one of the biggest integrators in Brazil at that time (Perdigao Agroindustrial, now BRF), then became a Breeder Farm Manager, a position I held for five years. While continuing to work for the Brazilian company, Leo went to USA studied for his Masters in Nutrition at University of Missouri, Columbia. He then returned to the company in Brazil for three years as official company nutritionist.  Then, it was time for a new challenge. He quit his job and returned to the same University in USA to pursue the PhD in Nutrition.

In January 2009, he joined Aviagen as customer support nutritionist, but also deeply involved in a large number of trials in various areas of nutrition, as part of Aviagen’s ongoing commitment to research and development. He currently now lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, by headquarters of the company.

DucatelleProf. Richard Ducatelle

Graduated from the University of Ghent in Belgium in 1978. He then completed a Ph.D. in veterinary pathology in 1983. He was a scientific advisor to the Belgium government from 1984 to 1989 and has been a Professor in Veterinary Pathology at the University of Ghent since 1989. He has been President of WVPA Belgian branch since 1991 and also a Past-President of the ESVP. He has been the author or co-author of more than 550 scientific publications listed in the Web of Science and more than 300 abstracts in proceedings of international congresses. He has spoken at more than 60 national and international congresses. Professor Ducatelle’s research is mainly on intestinal health and on interactions on zoonotic agents with the animal host reservoir, with a focus on poultry. He has mentored more than 20 PhD theses in this field of research.

Fabricio DelgadoMSc. Fabricio Delgado
Diretor Executivo CIEX Agropecuário BRF (2015 – atual)

Medicina Veterinária
Universidade Federal de Pelotas – UFPEL (1991 -1995)
Bolsista CNpq Departamento de Zootecnia Suínos e Aves (1992 – 1995)
Mestrado em Zootecnia
Universidade Federal de Pelotas – UFPEL (1998 – 2001)
Produção Animal – Mestre em Ciências (M.S.)

Santiago RamirezDr. Santiago Ramirez

Shortly after finishing his PhD in Molecular Microbiology, in 2008, together with his father (Poultry Veterinarian) Santiago built the first off-the grid commercial free-range layer farm in Australia. After a year of average production, Santiago decided to use his Nutrition and Molecular Biology degrees to practice and started formulating diets for his own farm. Once the project was up and running Santiago was appointed as the overall manager for Australia’s biggest free-range egg farm at the time. In his capacity, Santiago gained first hand understanding in several aspects of poultry production. By 2012, Santiago had already established his own consulting firm focusing on nutrition and husbandry services for large integrators across the Asia Pacific Region.
Now a days, Santiago spends his time consulting to local and international poultry and swine integrations, together with assisting global feed additive companies in the commercialisation phase for novel additives as well as helping Universities with setting up and overseeing research trials.
Santiago is passionate on focusing on basic aspects of feed formulation and manufacturing and has ample experience across many alternative technologies targeted to assist with “gut health”.

PiantinoProf. Antonio José Piantino Ferreira

Prof. Antonio José Ferreira Piantino received a PhD in Experimental and Comparative Pathology in 1996 from USP – The University of São Paulo, Brazil. Currently, he is an Associate Professor at USP and works in the veterinary medicine area, with emphasis on Avian Pathology. He has published 51 articles in professional journal, 134 papers in conferences, and has also written 11 chapters in published books. In his CV, the most frequent terms in the context of scientific, technological and artistic-cultural production are; birds, Salmonella, E.coli, molecular characterization, virus, diagnosis, Mycoplasma, PCR and virulence factors of bacteria.

Filip Van Immerseel - PhotoProf. Filip Van Immerseel

Filip Van Immerseel received a Master in Bio-engineering Sciences at the Catholic University of Leuven (KUL) in 1999, and a Master in Laboratory Animal Sciences at Ghent University in 2004.
He received a PhD in Veterinary Medical Sciences at Ghent University in 2004, studying intestinal immune cell infiltration after Salmonella infection of chickens, and environmental triggers in the gut that influence Salmonella invasion.
After a post-doc period, he was appointed as Research Professor by Ghent University in 2008.
Currently he is Professor at the Department of Pathology, Bacteriology and Avian Diseases of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Ghent University in Belgium and is head of a research group that studies host-bacterium interactions.

DVM Maarten De Gussem

Maarten is born in 1975 and graduated as veterinarian from Ghent University, Belgium in 2000. After working as poultry veterinarian in a major poultry practice dealing with layers, breeders, broilers, turkeys and hatcheries in Belgium, he joined Janssen Animal Health in 2001 as Global Technical Manager for Poultry Products (Clinafarm, Clinacox, Flubenol, Solubenol,…).
After 4 years, he was hired by Alpharma Animal Health as Technical and Business Development Manager for the poultry portfolio, including ionophore and chemical anticoccidials, growth promotors, alternative growth promotors and therapeutic antibiotics for poultry and rabbits.
Since 2009, Maarten is working as Poultry Consultant for Vetworks, covering all continents.

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