TimeTopics October 26Speaker
9:00Welcome and IntroductionProf. Filip Van Immerseel
9:15Cultivating the enteric ecosystem to resist enteric pathogens - The poultry modelProf. Peter Ferket
10:00Coffee Break
10:30Enteric microbial colonization and impact on enteric development and function in health and disease - What the chick tells us!Prof. Billy Hargis
11:15How breeding and genetics can improve gut healthDr. Leonardo Linares
11:45Use of mono, di and tributyrin in broilers diets on the intestinal healthHirã Azevedo Gomes
12:00Strategy for detection of animals vaccinated by AroA mutant E. coli vaccineEduardo Correa Muniz
13:45The intestinal microbiome, a functional approachProf. Richard Ducatelle
14:30Importance of the Gastrointestinal Life Cycle of Bacillus for probiotic functionalityMarion Bernardeau
14:45Bacillus subtilis 29784 improves growth performances and gut microbiota parameters of broilersVincent Jacquier
15:00In vitro assessment of immunomodulatory properties of Bacillus-based probioticsLamya Rhayat
15:15Bacillus based Priobiotics: New scientific insights to improve consistency of a versatile product classStefan Pelzer
15:30Coffee Break
16:00AGP free: marketing play or responsible production?MSc. Fabrício Delgado
16:30Nucleotide-enriched yeast extract improves gut morphology and intestinal barrier function of young broiler chickensRuth Raspoet
16:45Early mucosal permeability models for studying spondylolisthesis (kinky back) in broilersLisa Bielke
17:00Macroscopic lesion scoring correlates with gut morphology changes in a newly developed dysbacteriosis modelVenessa Eeckhaut
17:15Avian Nephritis Virus is related with the runting-stunting syndrome in BrazilLuis Fabian Nuñez Naranjo
17:30Detection and molecular characterization of Avian Adenovirus of Group I in chicken commercial flocks in BrazilDavid Isaias de la Torre Duque
17:45Timing of administration of predisposing factors is important in necrotic enteritis modelsAnnelike Dedeurwaerder
18:00Cocktail and Dinner
TimeTopics October 27Speaker
09:00Feeding for Gut Health. Assessing the right strategy for the selection of additives (A nutritionist’s view).Dr. Santiago Ramirez
09:45Viruses and their role in intestinal healthProf. Antonio José Piantino Ferreira
10:30Coffee Break
11:00A hypothesis on future trends and challenges in Salmonella epidemiology and controlProf. Filip Van Immerseel
11:45Reduced particle size wheat bran is butyrogenic and lowers Salmonella virulence, when added to poultry feedKaren Vermeulen
12:00Ethanolic extracts of jabuticaba supplementation on control of Salmonella Heidelberg in experimentally inoculated broiler chickensDenise Russi Rodrigues
12:15A mix of Lactobacillus modulates immune system and ameliorates intestinal morphology and Salmonella Typhimurium colonization in heat-stressed chickensWanderley Moreno Quinteiro Filho
14:30Update on coccidiosis and its role in gut health issues 2016DVM Maarten De Gussem
15:00Monitoring Eimeria vaccinated commercial facilities for oocyst shedding patterns- A novel technique compared to traditional methodsRyan Snyder
15:15Higher lesion score equals lower growth in coccidiosis infected broilers?Annelike Dedeurwaerder
15:30Yeast as nucleotide source in turkey dietsMelina Bonato
15:45Efficacy of Gel-PacTM application for coccidiosis vaccinationJan Willems
16:00Round Table Discussion
17:00Conclusions, Innovation award and Closing

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